Judging a Book By Its Cover and GRRAGHBLAGRAGH

I was just complaining a few minutes ago that I’ve had nothing to blog about for weeks, so I decided to just make something to blog about. :B I remembered a funny thing about books that happened a little while ago.

Way back when my oldest was about 7, we were at the library and I was looking for some good “chapter books” to read to her. I picked up this one whose cover looked mildly interesting, and read the inside jacket blurb. I came really close to checking the book out, then decided it sounded cliched and dull, and I put it back. I’ll tell you what book it was after the following interlude (kinda like a more entertaining way of doing that “scroll down for the spoiler thing that some posts do)…

So this is a comic that Lia and Emily came up with late one night (late night is when it gets all crazy up in here) called “The Adventures of GRRAGHBLAGRAGH.” I’m unofficially the star in the comic because they kept tagging me as the star on Facebook, especially after they made three in a row and I started yelling, “DO YOUR HOMEWORK EMILY!” The comic has kind of turned into an undersea representation of our everyday lives…

The scary sea monster is apparently my mom.

Alrighty, spoiler scroll is done. Here’s the book I turned down. A week or so after that library visit, the 4th book in the series had just been released and there was a piece on the news about some excitement with its fans. That got my attention. I’ll forever regret not discovering it on my own before the news told me it was popular and I should probably read it.


Have you ever judged a book by its cover (not like the Harry Potter covers are really bad at all, anyway) and then later found out the book you put down was actually super awesome?

This time last year:

RIP Laptop (at least until it’s resurrected) – My laptop is doing something stupid again because I dropped it. Actually, I fell asleep and kicked it off the couch onto a hardwood floor. They tend to get all butthurt when you do that.

Here’s a nice angry song because things have just been ticking me off today…


4 thoughts on “Judging a Book By Its Cover and GRRAGHBLAGRAGH

  1. “I need something to blawg about.” Love it. You must be proud to have such talented kids!

    And you passed that story up at the library, imagine being the multitude of publishers who said no…that's a real kick yourself in the butt moment.


  2. I am a big 'judge a book by its cover'. Terrible, huh? But I can't remember passing up a later best-seller. Then, I don't go to the library over here very often (not many English books). An agent even admitted last year in an interview that if Harry Potter had landed in his slush pile, he wouldn't have realized its potential either.


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