About freaking time!

Wow, what a year for things to anticipate and obsess over! And cry about. First it was Stranger Things 3, which punched me in the gut and left me a shocked, bawling mess even though soon I was over it and way on board in the Hopper is totally the American in the cell camp. Then it was The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance–how can puppets make me ugly cry so hard? And oh yeah, my beautiful daughter got married and somehow I didn’t cry my strip eyelashes off, but it was a close one.

emily & noah

I knew I’d cry when I saw Cobalt’s cover, even if it wasn’t exactly what I was envisioning–but fortunately, it was! It was like the artist got inside my head and saw the book I’d been dreaming about since I put down the first words, except he did things with the background and title font that were even better. And yes, I ugly cried all over the place.

Before I reveal, I want to get a little long-winded about why it hit me so hard. I started writing Cobalt over 8 years ago when I lived in a dark place that felt inescapable. There were some evil people in my life who actively tried to discourage and tear me down. They said I’d never get my books published, I was a loser and crazy, and writing was a waste of time.

I almost gave up so many times. I stopped writing during the final months of my marriage and didn’t pick it up again until some time after my divorce, when Emily, who had hated reading until she discovered Artemis Fowl, found the manuscript on my laptop and threatened me with bodily harm if I didn’t finish it before Christmas. For those who don’t know Emily, she can be scary. I finished the book.

I had more discouraging and overwhelming challenges that almost made me quit again, so many times. I put Cobalt on the shelf and decided maybe I was okay just knowing I’d written it, and it didn’t need to get out to the world.

I found my “muchness” again a while later when the characters wouldn’t stop bugging me to tell their story. So I wrote Cobalt’s sequel and plotted the third novel, then started writing Seawood while figuring out how to self-publish.

I was so blessed to have three of my sweet kids by my side when I opened the email containing Cobalt’s cover image (they actually kicked me off my laptop and made me watch from the back), and we all freaked out together. Seeing your book cover for the first time might not seem like such a big deal to some, but I’m sure many of us appreciate how emotional and personal the whole ordeal of birthing a book really is.

It’s not just the specialness of seeing a long-awaited cover for the first time. It’s the culmination of years of struggle, despair, hope, and finally triumph over the ones who tried to put out my spark. When I finally got to see what my book was really going to look like, I felt like I was on fire!

All right, I’ll shut up now and reveal the cover

Cobalt cover

Who the heck did this, because it sure wasn’t me! The talented people at 100 Covers made my dreams come true! They’ll also be formatting the paperback and e-book for me, because I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m shooting for a release date near the beginning of December! And in the meantime, I’ll be posting snippets on my Facebook page and Twitter and working on some giveaways.

Thanks to everyone who has been so patient with me and still believed in Cobalt during the times I didn’t. I hope this is just the beginning of many more stories.

4 thoughts on “About freaking time!

  1. I can hardly wait to read it, but my 14 year old daughter has informed me that she’s stealing from me to read it first. I’m so proud of you, Tin. You are amazing.


  2. The fact that it took you 8 years to write gives me such relief. I started writing Captain Isabella’s story in 2011….and I still haven’t finished.
    And I haven’t written anything on it for, like, a year.
    (I thought I’d pissed off Isabella, because she just wasn’t talking until the other day, when she made me look up pictures from turn of the century opium dens. I didn’t ask, I’m sure she has her reasons, and I think I may have figured out what they are.)
    But anyway, 8years for me and counting!


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