cogCobalt – tentative publication near Christmas 2018!

Fed up with her cruel Aunt Gerta’s beatings, 13-year-old orphan Kate Lebel stows away on an airship, where she joins forces with a teenage mercenary and a dashing ex-pirate. After disaster strikes, the friends must fight for their lives in a forest teeming with giant, mutated wildlife and trees hungry for human prey.

During their journey, they discover just how much of an effect the mysterious substance, Cobalt, has on whatever it doesn’t kill. And Kate finds secrets deep within the trees that may shape her destiny–if she can make it out of the forest alive.


Wildwood – work in progress

The adventures of Kate and her friends continue with more danger and murderous trees and monsters and all that, which I can’t go into here, because…spoilers.

post-596-1101504674Seawood – work in progress

After a deadly illness began ravaging the village of Seawood, River’s parents sent her with the rest of the village’s children to live with foster families in an inland town until the emergency passed.

Six years later, River vows to find out what happened to the adults in Seawood, and why, once they come of age, the children from her village are sent away and never heard from again. After River’s best friend Windy is sent off, Taren, a boy from town, warns her to run before it’s too late. Should River try to find out what happened to Windy and the others, or return to Seawood in the hopes that someone from her village is still alive? What else does Taren know that he’s not telling her?