Can You Guess Kate’s Age?

I found out about Brenda Drake’s super fun blogfest from my friend Robin, and thought I’d enter my character Kate Lebel from Cobalt. It’s a simple contest, really. I post the first 250 words from my book, and you guys try to guess her age. No cheating now! I tell Kate’s age in a few other posts and my description of the story elsewhere in my blog.

There’s a linky for the official rules and stuff in the picture below. And my entry follows! ๐Ÿ™‚

Auntie Gerta was a big woman, pale and solid like a whitewashed wall, a wall which now towered over Kate as she washed the breakfast dishes. She jabbed a pudgy finger between the girl’s shoulderblades.

โ€œDon’t think I’ll let you off easy after yesterday’s mischief.โ€

โ€œI wasn’t, Auntie.โ€ Kate stopped her scrubbing to look her aunt full in the face; she hated that.

Gerta sniffed. โ€œYou’d think Iโ€™d know all your little tricks, all these years I’ve been caring for you since your father died. But you just keep pulling more out of thin air! Must be your curse…โ€

It was the same old argument. Kate tried in vain not to let it rile her up, but Auntie Gerta always knew which memories hurt the worst. โ€œMy father did not die!โ€

โ€œYes, yes: he disappeared.โ€ Gerta waved her hands dismissively. โ€œSame difference. Good as dead out there, like the rest of them, once they go missing in the trees. But all your hoping isn’t going to make him come back. How long has he been gone? Four years now? No, five. Too long that I’ve had to deal with your tricks. You’re nearing marriage age, if you ask me.โ€

Now this was a first. Kate’s eyes widened. โ€œYou wouldn’t!โ€

Gerta looked at her for a long moment, her small piggy eyes lingering on the left side of Kate’s face. โ€œNo, no, wouldn’t do, would it? Even if I offered iron as a dowry, I couldn’t get you off my hands.โ€

And that’s it! Be sure to go look at Robin’s entry, and check out the other contestants listed on Brenda’s page. I’d love some critiques, questions, or comments on my entry along with your guesses! This is a first draft, after all. ๐Ÿ™‚