It’s Not a Garter, It’s a Wristband!

I like to make stuff when I’m not writing. Like I have all the time in the world! Or I only need to sleep two hours a night. Yeah, I wish!

I wanted to take home ec in middle school. (Back in the days when they still had home ec!) The classes were all full, so somehow I found myself the only girl in woodworking. The teacher joked with all the guys about how long I’d last until I transferred to another class, but I stuck with it and ended up getting the highest grade. In your face, boys!

So I got to make all kinds of really cool stuff out of wood, but it didn’t help much when I had kids and wanted to make the kinds of dresses and Halloween costumes my mom used to make for us…

I still learned how to sew passably well, thanks to my mom and Simplicity patterns. I have lots of ideas yet to try, but for now I’ve been messing around with making jewelry.

So here are a few things I made the other day! Look at ’em, look!

Anya had a scrap piece of striped ribbon that I thought was pretty cool, so I swiped it when she wasn’t looking. The pendant was from a necklace that one of the girls broke, and I had the lace lying around. So I made a pretty wrist cuff!

I had another broken pendant, so I popped the cameo out of it and glued it to a new pendant to cover up a design I just didn’t like very much.

Two broken things (obviously, I save all the pretty things my kids break) glued together to make a new brooch!

Sorry about the terrible picture quality. I took these with my cell phone. More to come if I’m motivated enough to keep creating!