Monday Funny Pictures – Again!

I haven’t done this in a while! But I’ve been collecting lots and lots of funny pictures, my pretties. (If they’re too small, click on them to see them better.)

You know it.

Well, my cat does. He also walks on my face and curls up on my head.
I actually can’t sleep well if I’m not sharing my pillow with my kitty!

Oh my gosh, you guys. This next one isn’t funny so much as it’s awesome. Yours truly is a huge Tim Burton fan. Disney princesses with a Corpse Bride-esque makeover = lovelovelovelove!

Get it? Please tell me you get it!

Oh my gosh, who is this Gabe Perez kid? He’s my hero!

This next one was titled “If Horses Could Talk.” And I just…I don’t even know what is going on here, but it made me cry tears of laughter when I saw it.

This one killed me. Killed. Me. I died from the laughing.

What’s a bunch of funny pictures without the Harry Potter ones?

And finally…
There’s this whacked-out game called The Neverhood that I played for a little bit before it started overheating my computer. The whole thing was done with clay. And it’s freaking nuts. Who are those programmers? I must adopt them into my family.
Play the next video in front of any 6-to-18 year old boy and dare him not to laugh. Do it.
So, all silliness aside now, we had a bit of a situation in Reno over the weekend. See my post over at ANWA’s blog for the details. Aaaand, not much else going on around here. Anything new with you guys?


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